C'mon Skinny love just last the year,
pour a little salt we were never here.
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer.
I tell my love to wreck it all,
cut out all the ropes and let me fall.
Right in this moment, this order's tall.

I told you to be patient,
I told you to be fine,
I told you to be balanced,
I told you to be kind.
In the morning I'll be with you,
but it will be a "different kind".
I'll be holding all the tickets,
and you'll be owning all the fines.

C'mon Skinny love, what happened here?
Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere.
Sullen load is full; so slow on the split.


Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind?

1 comentario:

  1. la esperanza es como la brisa del viento
    algunas veces las sentis mas fuerte que otras..
    ¿porque no amar?... tal vez porque nadie se lo merece ahora..